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a low center of gravity, high-efficiency powertrain and ultra-responsive motors. The post elon musk unveils tesla model Y – the SUV that rides like a sports car appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
It seems like everywhere you look in a big city, there's someone zipping along on an electric scooter. Many of these will be temporary hires rather than rider owned, and most – if not all – will be stand-up models. OjO and Austin Commuter Scooter have teamed up to offer Austin commuters a sit down alternative... Continue Reading OjO rides into Austin with sit-down/stand-up e-scooter ridesh
With winter having arrived in the Northern Hemisphere, a lot of tiny house owners will be feeling the chill. Not the occupants of the Magnolia though, as it's designed to withstand even Quebec's harsh cold. It's a large model and offers a relatively spacious interior for a tiny house, including a full-size living room and large downstairs bedroom. .. Continue Reading Magnolia tiny house
There's no shortage of electric bicycles already available, so newcomers to the space need to offer something special before they get noticed. Unless you're already a household name. Automaker General Motors is planning to ride into this crowded arena with two e-bikes – a compact and a folder... Continue Reading On yer bike: GM rides into e-bike space Category: Bicycles Tags:
Wooden construction is increasingly popular lately, and in the wake of innovative timber projects including towers, sports halls, and supertall skyscrapers, comes this recently-completed Philippine airport terminal. Primarily constructed from wood, it features a striking design inspired by rolling ocean waves and a stunning interior that highlights the beauty of the material. .. Conti
Riding a motorcycle in very hot weather can be quite vexing, particularly when trapped in traffic-jammed daily commutes. BluArmor Helmets suggests a simple solution to keep the head cool; a detachable air cooler unit that fits to most full-face helmet in seconds and sends refreshing air inside... Continue Reading Helmet air conditioner makes for a cool head on summer rides Category: Motor
Leave the bike pump at home, you won't be needing it. Berlin-based startup BigRep has signaled a possible end to punctures by 3D printing airless bicycle tires and taking to the streets of the German capital to show them off... Continue Reading German startup rides out on 3D-printed bicycle tires Category: Bicycles Tags: 3D Printing Bicycle BigRep Ti
The Boring Company has made some pretty impressive strides in its relatively short existence. Elon Musk first shared his vision for the company in December 2016, promising to solve traffic woes with networks of tunnels for city centers. It is now adding the finishing touches to its first burrow, a test track running beneath the city of Los Angeles... Continue Reading Elon Musk's first LA t
John Dingley, the guy behind last year's electric luge, has been in the workshop again. This time he's been working on a new version of his self-balancing electric unicycle. Similar to the Ryno, but home built and using a brushless motor... Continue Reading Retro-cool electric self-balancing unicycle rides out Category: Urban Transport Tags: DIY Electric Vehicles
In a move that should give Lyft passengers that warm fuzzy feeling of helping the environment while getting from A to B, the ride-sharing company has announced that all its rides around the world will be carbon neutral – starting today. This will be achieved through the purchase of carbon offsets, which will require a multi-million-dollar investment in the first year alone... Continue Read is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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