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I’ve been an amateur landscape photographer for some time now. I remember fondly my first years in the field—I loved roaming around and shooting like mad. I even started getting good at it. Year by year, though, I found myself shooting less and less.Habits started to form. Whenever I found myself on a scene, I almost instantly knew what I would do: good foreground? shoot wide; no foreground
It’s usually a weekend packed full of family fun and chocolate treats – but there’s no escaping the fact that Easter is going to look a little bit different this […] The post Five fun ways to stay apart to celebrate Easter together appeared first on ShinyShiny.
If you were worried that Canon was going to do away with the EOS M lineup of APS-C mirrorless cameras, it seems you have nothing to fear. Recent reports indicate that Canon has two new EOS M cameras in the works, as well as a few new lenses.Today’s report comes from the ever-reliable Canon Rumors, and it backs up a report posted by CanonWatch in February. According to CR, Canon will follow
Could technology help us find a way out of the current Coronavirus pandemic – the so-called exit strategy? It is possible. Chris Price looks at several projects that are hoping […] The post 5 ways smartphones could help overcome Coronavirus pandemic appeared first on ShinyShiny.
There’s no shortage of creative photography ideas that you can try while isolating, but we really like this one from the folks at Adaptalux. Using just some paper and light, they’ll show you how you can capture beautiful abstract macro photography without leaving home.Obviously, since this is made by a brand, they used their own Adaptalux Studio to provide the lighting for this little
Photographer Hugo Rodriguez has created a “new generation” of color chart called the HR-1 SuperChroma that blows your ColorChecker out of the water. Using 999 evenly distributed color patches, Rodriguez claims his chart can produce more accurate results than anything else on the market today.We first heard about the HR-1 SuperChroma in February, when Rodriguez was preparing to share i
People are learning from experiences, and machines are learning from data. The concept of training computers to run such tasks is machine learning. The algorithm trains with data without having […] The post 16 of the Top Machine-learning-with-python-certification-training Guides appeared first on ShinyShiny.
My name is Corban Lundborg, and I just completed a series of rare military survival courses at Fairchild Air Force Base in Spokane, Washington, during February 2020. I was authorized to bring a film camera to the field portion of SERE (Survive, Evasion, Resistance, Escape) School. Equipped with a Holga 120N plastic camera, I was able to capture four rolls of Ilford HP5+ medium format film.I’
As a professional outdoor photographer, my mind had been in a place of backcountry skiing, snow photography and ramping up for spring commercial projects—the same place it has been every March for years. I like this time of year, it feels like my fitness, my vision and my bandwidth all line up to result in outdoor missions and photography that really feed the soul, and the bank account.Then we we
  Locked-down Brits are planning self-improvement activities during isolation – with learning to cook and bake topping the list of activities while staying indoors.  A poll of 2,000 adults found […] The post Top 40 self-improvement activities for locked down Brits appeared first on ShinyShiny.

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