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When the Google Pixel 4 was announced this week, it was revealed that it would be the first Pixel phone to not provide all users with free unlimited original-quality backups on Google Photos. But in a strange twist, thanks to a “loophole,” owners of newer iPhone models do get free unlimited original-quality storage in the Google cloud.It all has to do with the HEIC file format that ne
Jordi Koalitic is a Barcelona-based photographer who has racked up over 1.3 million followers on his Instagram by specializing in “creative photography.” Koalitic shares not only his finished photos but also behind-the-scenes photos and videos showing the tricks he used to create them.Here’s a look at how Koalitic made some of his most popular images:Fruit NinjaMarblesGraveyardD
Modern fashion likes to be over the top sometimes. Designers tend to create outfits that would never be the first choice of an average person when going outside for a […] The post Weirdest casino-inspired clothes in fashion appeared first on ShinyShiny.
In a breakthrough that seems more science fiction than science fact, researchers at MIT have developed a model that can recover “lost dimensions” in images. Translation: it can recreate video from a motion-blurred photograph, and may some day be able to create a 3D scan from a 2D image.A paper about this breakthrough will be presented at the International Conference on Computer Vision
Living in the 21st century is not the easiest of things to do. Despite technological development and changes in people’s looks, the pace of life has increased so much that […] The post Shine Bright Like A Diamond appeared first on ShinyShiny.
To mark the 159th anniversary of the first aerial photo in the United States, CBS Sunday Morning aired this 2-minute Almanac segment about the landmark photo by photographer James Wallace Black and how aerial photography has developed since then.Black was born on February 10th, 1925 in Francestown, New Hampshire, and he dabbled as a painter in Boston before turning his sights on the world of phot
Halloween has become a popular cultural event throughout the world over the last few years. Halloween celebrations date back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light […] The post To Be Or Not To Be On Halloween? – That is the question appeared first on ShinyShiny.
Establishing and investing in a custom T-shirt company is the most viable and the most affordable business option you can think of as countless digital printing resources have made custom […] The post It Has Never Been Easier to Start Your Own Custom T-shirt Company appeared first on ShinyShiny.
    Electric cars travel up to three times the distance of their petrol or diesel rivals for the same amount of money, according to new research. With interest in […] The post Electric cars up to 3x cheaper than petrol. Kia e-Niro tops list appeared first on ShinyShiny.
A team of researchers from the University of Utah have made a major breakthrough in optics by developing a new kind of flat lens that’s only ten microns thick, making it “a thousand times thinner than regular lenses.” And apparently, it doesn’t sacrifice performance.The breakthrough was published in the Journal PNAS, and it’s primarily being hailed as an advancement

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