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Earlier this week, Apple dropped a substantial update for the 27-inch iMac: its workhorse all-in-one favored by many photographers. The updated specs go beyond just adding the latest processors—Apple also updated the GPUs, doubled the maximum RAM, made some updates to the display, and installed a better webcam to boot.One thing that hasn’t changed between the previous model and this one is
Unsplash has just released “the most complete high-quality open image dataset ever”: an open-source collection of over 2 million images captured by over 200,000 photographers, now available to download in bulk for free.On the off-chance that you’re not familiar with Unsplash, the website allows photographers to share their images with the world for free under a CC0, no rights re
Lomography sells a neat accessory for its Lomo’Instant camera called the Splitzer that lets you split your shots with multiple exposures. If you use the popular Fujifilm Instax Mini 90, there’s now a “Splitzer” for you.Photographer Guillermo Hernandez designed a splitter for the Instax Mini 90 using a 3D printer at home. It’s a simple ring that attaches snugly to the
Nikon South Africa is promising changes after sparking controversy with its latest roster of influencers. In a country in which over 75% of the population is Black and less than 9% is white, the group of new South Africans representing the brand featured just one Black photographer.On July 24th, Nikon South Africa released a video introducing its new influencers to promote the Nikon Z50 mirrorles
Want to see how dangerous a poor-quality power bank can be? Here’s a terrifying security camera video that captured a power bank exploding in a man’s arms and sending flames shooting up to the roof as he rode a bus in the Guangdong of China.The South China Morning Post reports that a new investigation by the Chinese’s governments State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR)
Meg’sMenopause, an app created by Meg Matthews to specifically help women navigate the menopause, today warned of the increased difficulty that those experiencing the menopause could face passing temperature checks, […] The post Meg’sMenopause holiday warning for menopausal women appeared first on ShinyShiny.
A study into how much money the average person ‘has’ in each decade of their life revealed those aged 30 to 39 are the wealthiest generation, earning an average of […] The post Working adults in 30s are ‘wealthiest generation’ appeared first on ShinyShiny.
Fotomat is the new browser-based tool for building visual websites, built by the makers of Viewbook, a photo-sharing platform and portfolio website builder for professionals that was founded in 2009. With over a decade of experience in developing, tons of user feedback, and know-how of what works best and what does not work in the world of visual websites, the makers of Viewbook are back to gladl
When I was maybe six years old, my father introduced me to Nathan’s. We had dropped off his mother at her what was to me dreary apartment. That woman never seemed happy to me, and it wasn’t until I became an adult, I understood why.When I tell you that Nathan’s has the best hot dog in the entire world, you better believe me. Whenever I come across a hot dog place, I have to check it out. It’s kin
An octogenarian couple in Taiwan is going viral after they began posing for fashion photos while wearing the clothes left behind by customers of their laundromat.Husband-and-wife duo Chang Wan-ji (83) and Hsu Sho-er (84) own and operate Wansho Laundry in central Taiwan. Over the years, they’ve collected quite a few garments that customers never picked up.Reef Chang, the couple’s 31-ye

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