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Before we get started, it’s essential to understand that astrophotography takes time and practice in order to achieve good results, so don’t get frustrated if you don’t nail it on the first go. When it comes to photographing the night sky there isn’t an exact setting which is going to achieve the same results across the board. This is due to the amount atmospheric light wh
The Denver-based tripod maker Colorado Tripod Company has announced the world’s first hollow titanium ballhead. It’s called the Highline Ballhead Titanium, and it’s designed to be ultra-light, ultra-strong, and ultra-versatile.“Although the process of extracting titanium from its ore is costly, designers consider it valuable enough for specialty applications such as aerosp
Whenever PetaPixel has published an article about chemical photography in recent months, it has been met with a plethora of malicious, if not even downright hateful, comments. They’re left by photographers who claim that only they may decide on how other photographers, their colleagues, or even hobbyists who simply enjoy photography for what it is may pursue photography as their passion or
  Gone are the days of playing board games with your family at Christmas. Instead if you want to have fun with the fam during the festive season then you […] The post Top 10 VR games for playing for this Christmas – including Creed: Rise to Glory and Echo Combat appeared first on ShinyShiny.
  Car design hasn’t really changed that much in the last few years. However new technology means that in the not so distant future, cars will not only respond in […] The post Vauxhall GT X concept car unveiled to ShinyShiny – no wing mirrors or door handles required! appeared first on ShinyShiny.
We live in an era utterly dominated by technology. It’s all around you, and, as much as people like to complain about its constant presence, no one can deny its […] The post How Can Technology Benefit Your Business? appeared first on ShinyShiny.
Just under two in five (39%) workers in tech firms are depressed, according to a new survey by Blind, an anonymous social network for professionals. It found that Amazon had […] The post Two in five tech workers are depressed, claims survey. Amazon workers top list appeared first on ShinyShiny.
WORDS: IVY SCARLETT, @loveivyscarlett With just a few weeks to go, we’ve made searching for the perfect Christmas gift that little bit easier. Combining technology and fashion we’ve sourced a selection […] The post Christmas Gift Guide – Wearable tech and stylish gadgets appeared first on ShinyShiny.
If you’re looking to pursue photography for more than just a hobby, then having your own website is a must. Having a website comes with a lot of advantages; gives […] The post Are You a Photographer? Here is Why You Should Use a VPN appeared first on ShinyShiny.
Alamy announced in an email to contributors today that the commission rate for stock photo sales is being slashed from 50% to 40% starting in February 2019.Here’s what the email said:In February 2019 the Alamy contract will be changing to reflect a new commission structure. The commission contributors receive for direct sales will change from 50% to 40%.This email is to give you advanced wa

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