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Marc Silber of Advancing your Photography met up with his friend and professional photographer Bob Holmes. Holmes has worked with Advancing your Photography before and always shares great photography tips. The latest video focuses on general tips for better photography. Holmes' first two tips are focused on lines within composition. He advises that you should look for lines within a scene and
Travel photographer Bob Holmes recently put together this quick-tips video for Advancing Your Photography in which he shares nine useful photography tips; or, as Holmes puts it in the video, nine 'crutches' for when you feel like the muse has deserted you.They're basic tips, but this is what Holmes looks for when he goes out to shoot—lines, punctuation, and energy—and they're the reason he has ma
As you capture more and more photos, your photo library can become very bloated. If you use Adobe Lightroom, as many of us do, there are a lot of great tools within the software to help keep your photos organized. Photographer Nigel Danson has been featured here on Imaging Resource multiple times for his landscape photography videos, but his latest video goes through his workflow in Lightroom. He
Game of Thrones has been teasing that winter is coming for years, but for many of us, winter is already here and its icy grip doesn't need to freeze your photography. Below we have a couple of videos which focus on winter photography and how to improve your own snowy shots. The first video comes to us from Nigel Danson, who has seven photo ideas to instantly take your winter photography up a
Are you aiming to become a world-class model? You might have been dreaming to see yourself in photoshoots and advertisements in magazines and TV. Or maybe you want to become a brand ambassador and represent some brands at their events? There are many jobs for aspiring models, and while many want to make it in […]The post 5 tips for finding modeling jobs in Singapore appeared first on ShinyS
When photographing birds in flight, there are a lot of important considerations. In a new video, Tony & Chelsea Northrup offer a variety of tips for photographers looking to capture nice bird action photos. First, you want to have the right gear for the task at hand. This means a long lens and a camera with good autofocus capabilities. You don't necessarily have to own a Nikon D5 and Niko
Shooting group photos is a skill all wedding photographers need to master. Here’s a 9-minute video from Shutterbug Mag filled with 7 tips for taking group photos at weddings by veteran photographer Denis Reggie.Here’s a rundown of what Reggie teaches (watch the video for visual examples):1. Arrange the Wedding Party ProperlyIt’s important to think about where you are positioning
With the help of six professional photographers, Marc Silber of Advancing Your Photography shares over a dozen composition tips with us in the video below. Joe McNally kicks off the video by telling us that generally the rule of thirds is a pretty good guideline. With that said, he continues to suggest that you ought to bend the rules to help create dynamic photographs. You're trying to invit
You may or may not know that I haven’t always been Copyblogger’s editor. For many years, I was a Copyblogger reader. I didn’t know Brian. I didn’t know Sonia. But I pretended that I did. Of course I didn’t tell anyone that … I just received so much guidance from Copyblogger that helped me position Read More...The post 30 Tips that Help You Become an In-Demand Freelance Writer appeared first
At GDC 2018, TapBlaze (Good Pizza, Great Pizza) chief Anthony Lai will be offering fellow game makers advice on how they can make great mobile games that also make enough money to keep the lights on. ... is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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