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Usually when a mouse has been spotted near the fridge it’s not a good thing. But in this case, it’s nothing to worry about. Following on from recent collabs with Dolce&Gabbana, […] The post Smeg and Disney collaborate on limited edition £1699 Mickey Mouse fridge appeared first on ShinyShiny.
Tomorrow (21st September 2018) sees the official launch of three new iPhone models: the XS (confusingly pronounced 10S rather than ‘excess’), its bigger brother, the XS Max, and the budget […] The post Should I buy a new iPhone XR or XS tomorrow? 5 reasons for and 5 against appeared first on ShinyShiny.
“I Bloom For You” is a new photo in my series I Found The Silence. The idea was created in June 2018, and it was followed by 3 months of planning.The main inspiration was to escape beyond the limits of everyday existence, somewhere where a man can be himself. Escape to a place where we meet ourselves in the purest way possible.The photograph, as well as the entire series, features elements of nat
A Montana photographer has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Netflix, accusing the media juggernaut of using one of his storm photos without permission for the hit sci-fi show Stranger Things.We first covered photographer Sean R. Heavey’s complaint against Netflix back in May 2018 after he discovered a portion of his photo being used in concept art seen in the behind-the-scenes
August launches affordable, app enabled fitness tracker wristband with OLED display, notifications and 30-day battery life Accurately tracks daily activity including steps, distance, heart rate, blood oxygen, calories burnt and […] The post August launches SWB200 smart activity and fitness tracker for £54.95 appeared first on ShinyShiny.
Withings has returned to the digital health market with a new hybrid smartwatch after buying the company back from Nokia earlier in the year. Featuring heart rate monitoring, connected GPS, […] The post Withings returns with Steel HR Sport after buying back company from Nokia appeared first on ShinyShiny.
What if you had the same camera, lighting and subject matter as everyone else. A groundhog day for a photographer so to speak. If we all have the same gear what would make you different?Imagine you had no way of visually showing someone any of your work, and they ask you to describe what you’re about, not your genre, but what is the essence of what you’re trying to achieve? —Katy NikerThis
A private art college in France has apologized after it was discovered that one of its promotional ad photos was Photoshopped to show black students when there were none in an effort to appear more racially diverse.The Émile-Cohl in Lyon sparked controversy this week after people noticed something peculiar about an image being used to promote a new campus being opened in Los Angeles, California:H
We asked four industry experts and commentators for their views on the launch of the latest Series 4 Apple Watch as well as the three new iPhones: the iPhone XR, […] The post What industry experts have to say about the launch of Apple Watch Series 4 and three new iPhones appeared first on ShinyShiny.
Reaching your fitness goals is entirely possible, whatever stage you may be at right now. Whether you’re looking to lose fat, build muscle, get faster, or get stronger, you can […] The post Why You’re Not Reaching Your Fitness Goals And What To Do About It appeared first on ShinyShiny.

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