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A newly finished dwelling in upstate New York takes careful cues from traditional farm buildings of the area, yet makes every effort to afford it inhabitants the comfort of a modern home. The Mountain House, by Amalgam Studio, very much follows a low-energy approach to heating and cooling, while honoring the history of the area with all the aesthetic hallmarks of a good ol' fashioned count
For several years, research into an effective treatment preventing cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer's disease has constantly failed in human clinical trials, but a new study from an international team of scientists may finally explain the reason behind these failures, and offer a solution in a drug currently used to treat stroke... Continue Reading New research may answer why ma
It's not common to see household names turn to crowdfunding platforms to get new offerings out into the world, but Gillette is doing just that for its hot new blade. The Heated Razor is promised to deliver a smoother finish for gentlemen who like to keep it clean, by mimicking the effects of a hot towel shave with only the push of a single button. .. Continue Reading Gillette's heated razo
Mozilla has unveiled Firefox Reality, a new web browser for virtual and augmented reality hardware. It's designed to browse traditional 2D web content while also hoping to push the boundaries of what the web can do when coupled with VR technology, and can be operated by voice command... Continue Reading Firefox unveils virtual reality web browser Category: VR Tags: Augmented
In an announcement-packed press show that seems to be becoming an annual event for Amazon, the company has unveiled a host of different Echo-branded and Alexa-powered devices for 2018, including redesigned speakers and a smart microwave. We've got the details on everything that's new... Continue Reading Amazon has a host of new Echo and Alexa devices to smarten up your home (and car) Cate
If you've watched even one TV show about sharks, then chances are you've seen awesome footage of great whites jumping completely out of the water. As it turns out, though, they're not the only ones who like getting high. Their even larger cousin, the basking shark, has also been spotted doing so... Continue Reading Move over, great whites – basking sharks like jumping, too Category: Biolo
We've seen helmets with built-in HUD (head up display) tech before, but what if you already have a perfectly good helmet that you don't want to get rid of? Well, that's where the Hudway Sight system may come in handy... Continue Reading Hudway Sight could give your helmet a case of the HUDs Category: Motorcycles Tags: Helmets HUD Kickstarter
Hyundai Motor has teamed with H2 Energy to build 1,000 fuel cell-electric trucks for the Swiss market. The commercial trucks will begin rolling out in 2019, which will likely make Hyundai the first company to commercially produce a heavy-duty truck powered by fuel cells... Continue Reading Fleet of Hyundai hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks to roll out from 2019 Category: Automotive Tag
Actioncammers, take note – GoPro has just announced its latest flagship model, the Hero7 Black. According to the company, the camera's new HyperSmooth feature offers the sort of video stabilization that ordinarily requires a separate motorized gimbal... Continue Reading GoPro promises smoother video than ever, with Hero7 Black Category: Digital Cameras Tags: Actioncam
BIG recently completed a new premises for the award-winning noma restaurant, which is located in Copenhagen and incorporates a former military warehouse previously used to store mines for the Royal Danish Navy. It features an interesting design described as a "restaurant village" by the firm that consists of multiple buildings. .. Continue Reading BIG designs new premises for award-winning is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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