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It’s the stuff of sci-fi disaster films. What do we do if an asteroid is on a collision course with our home planet? One option might be the use of brute force, sending a spacecraft to intervene in the asteroid’s trajectory to simply knock it off course. Today, NASA will explore this possibility with a world-first mission to crash into the asteroid Dimorphos and alter its orbit. We checked in wit
Regent has released video of its remarkable Seaglider prototype in flight testing. The first machine to combine the efficiency advantages of ground effect and hydrofoiling in a single design, it promises revolutionary speed and range in coastal areas.Continue ReadingCategory: Aircraft, TransportTags: Ground Effect Vehicle, Electric Aircraft
An extraordinary new study has recorded the first evidence of babies in the womb reacting to flavors of foods eaten by their mothers. The stunning images show fetuses crumpling up their faces in disgust minutes after a mother consumes bitter kale or smiling with glee in the presence of sweet carrot flavors.Continue ReadingCategory: ScienceTags: Baby, Pregnancy, Taste, Aston University
New research from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis presents the most comprehensive investigation to date into the long-term neurological problems associated with COVID-19. Tracking more than 150,000 COVID patients for 12 months the research found infections led to a 42% increase in risk of several brain disorders.Continue ReadingCategory: Health & Wellbeing, Lifestyle

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