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Archaeologists from the Universities of Southampton and Reading have determined that some of Scotland's famous lake dwellings are older than Stonehenge. Called "crannogs," the little artificial islands made out of piled rocks have yielded pottery from the Neolithic period that indicate that settlements were built as early as 3640 BCE... Continue Reading Scottish crannogs may be older than
In 1987, BMW debuted a touring car in the 3 Series model line. That wagon proved to be popular as a compact option in the larger overall market with over a million of those cars sold as the 3 Series evolved. Looking to replicate that success, BMW is launching an all-new 3 Series Touring. .. Continue Reading BMW debuts new estate wagon with sixth-gen 3 Series Touring Category: Automotive
Climate change already appears to be responsible for an overabundance of jellyfish in the world's oceans, but new research indicates that it may also lead to something else – lots and lots of squid. The findings run contrary to what was expected to be the case... Continue Reading Climate change may cause an increase in squid populations Category: Biology Tags: climate change Gl
Debate has long raged over the reasons for a zebra's stripes, with scientists spending decades theorizing over the evolutionary causes for the animal's iconic patterns. A new study has shed further light on this topic, uncovering new evidence that suggests the stripes are indeed used to help zebras control their temperature, even describing a previously unknown mechanism they use to keep t
Nobody wants to get near nuclear waste, so a team of Lancaster University engineers is developing a new semi-autonomous robotic system to help dismantle decommissioned reactors. Using new imaging software and a Microsoft Kinect camera, the two-armed mobile robot can identify, grasp, and cut objects like pipes without the operator having to control every movement... Continue Reading Semi-au
Antibiotics were one of the most important scientific developments of the 20th century, helping to easily control bacterial infections and make previously life-threatening procedures and illnesses safe. But inversely, they might also be one of the biggest medical issues of the 21st century, as bacteria evolve resistances to our best drugs. Now, a bacterial gene that grants resistance to "l
What would trucks look like if they didn't need to accommodate a human driver? Volvo Trucks' Vera vehicle is an exploration of this idea, doing away with the cabin entirely so it can more efficiently tow goods around ports and factories. The freewheeling four-wheeler has just been assigned its first task, and will soon go to work delivering containers to a port terminal in Sweden... Contin
Alpine has unveiled its new range-topping rear-engined A110S, bumping up the power, lowering the ride height and tightening up the suspension in the name of pure driving pleasure, while still keeping its quintessentially French character... Continue Reading Alpine adds power, firmness and focus to its new A110S Category: Automotive Tags: Alpine Renault Sports Cars
The Nintendo Switch's Joy-Con controllers are good for playing platformers, but more complex games like Super Smash Bros Ultimate are best played with Pro Controllers. Japanese accessory company Hori has now unveiled a new controller that kind of blends both into one, which is basically a Pro Controller split in two to slide onto either side of the screen in handheld mode... Continue Readi
Since 2018, Samsung has been grabbing eyeballs at various conferences around the world with its massive modular display dubbed The Wall. Starting out with a 146-inch model at CES last year, Samsung upped its game at CES this year with a 219-inch version before outdoing itself just a month later at Integrated Systems Europe with a 292-inch behemoth. Now you'll be able put one of those 292-i is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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