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The grand prize (left), first place (top right), and second place (bottom right) winners of the 2017 iPhone Photography Awards. Photos courtesy of IPPA, individual credits below.When the iPhone Photography Awards were established in 2007, the first iPhone had just been released and its 2MP images were... well, they were nothing to write home about. Fast-forward to 2017, and the winners of this ye
Do you happen to be in Reutlingen, Germany from October 10, 2011 – January 31, 2012?You should, we all should, even if we’re not photo enthusiasts.Magnum Photos (yes, the name associated with Robert Capa, Henry Cartier Bresson, Steve McCurry…) is presenting Wunden der Welt – Wounds of the World, an educational exhibition on war photography from the Spanish Civil War (1936)
Shutter Release is an ongoing series here at Imaging Resource where we search the internet to find interesting photography-related topics to share with you. We don’t have time to cover everything we see in depth and Shutter Release is our way of boiling down a carefully-selected assortment of articles, news and videos into bite-sized pieces. In today’s edition of Shutter Release, we h
An Iñupiaq whaling crew cleans the hide of a polar bear that attacked their camp the previous day. Many Iñupiaq believe that declining sea ice has lead to these animals starving. Photo by Kiliii YüyanSeattle-based photographer and traditional kayak-maker Kiliii Yüyan has spent years documenting the lives of people who live at the edges of the world. We've had the pleasure of working alongside him
The Holuhraun eruption in Iceland, taken from a helicopter. This remains one of my most rewarding photographic experiences.So far in this series I have talked about the advantages of aerial photography and about shooting from a helicopter as opposed to shooting from a light plane. I have also talked about the right equipment for this kind of shoot, and about technique and parameter selection. In
Boeing's new and very shiny 737 MAX 9 is a pretty cool plane. And so is the equally new and equally shiny 787-10. And in Boeing's latest promotional video you can see its two newest airliners flying together in close formation, ahead of the annual Paris Air Show.Does this video have anything to do with photography? Absolutely not. But you should watch it anyway.Read about our experience recently
Have you ever wondered what a gale-force sneeze would look like if you could see air currents, temperature gradients, and differences in pressure and composition of the air? Or, less disgustingly, the strike of a match? This fascinating 6-minute video demonstrates Schlieren photography, which makes the invisible visible.Schlieren photography is an interesting optical technique that allows you to
Panning is a cool and simple way to photograph moving subjects or objects. And when executed properly, it can make a subject appear to be moving considerably faster than it really is. Panning is also an easy way to deal with a messy or distracting background – simply blur it away. Plus, it's just plain fun and can result in some really creative outcomes. In this how-to video, Josh Katz provides u
Episode 184 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast.Download MP3 –  Subscribe via iTunes, Google Play, email or RSS!Featured: VR/AR expert, author and futurist, Robert ScobleIn This EpisodeIf you subscribe to the PetaPixel Photography Podcast in iTunes, please take a moment to rate and review us and help us move up in the rankings so others interested in photography may find us.VR/AR expert, a
The Ruins of Detroit: a gorgeous book about Detroit, how the city has changed and some storytelling about the decay of a dream, of an industry and an era.Authors Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre depict in 186 amazing photos almost a century of Detroit in empty buildings, ruins and ghostly landscapes.“Ruins are the visible symbols and landmarks of our societies and their changes, small pieces of hi is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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