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Our Firmware Friday roundup this week is mostly a tale of one company, as Canon dominates proceedings with no less than five video cameras and four reference displays either receiving new firmware in the past seven days, or slated to do so shortly. If you're not a Canon shooter, you may want to read on regardless, though, for news of firmware and software from Fujifilm, Sigma and Sony as well
The game itself first launched for PlayStation 4 and PC in August 2017 before arriving on Xbox One in April 2018. ...
Microsoft today announced a new AI-powered Visual Search function for its Bing search engine that will pretty much directly compete with Google Lens. Visual Search will let users search the web and shop online through pictures they have taken or selected from their camera roll.For example, you can find out more about a landmark or flower by capturing it through the Bing app or uploading it from y
A set of guidelines for designing inclusive bathrooms for public buildings, created to address an "urgent social justice issue", is now available online. Read more
Researchers have developed an "e-dermis" or electronic skin that could be applied to a prosthetic hand to give the wearer a sense of touch. By using electronic sensors that mimic the nerve endings in the body, the skin can convey both the senses of touch and of pain... Continue Reading Electronic skin lets any prosthesis feel touch and pain Category: Health & Wellbeing Tags: J
designboom shares the designer's experience and her story about how she came up with an idea for a coffee shop-inspired clothes and furniture collection. The post chia lee’s kopitiam collection looks at fashion through a malaysian coffee shop experience appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
Chevrolet has introduced the 2019 Blazer, marking the model's comeback after over a decade of absence. The Blazer will no longer be a body-on-frame SUV, but will instead be a midsize crossover with looks taken from the Camaro and structure from the GMC Acadia... Continue Reading Chevrolet brings back the Blazer as a Camaro-styled crossover Category: Automotive Tags: Camaro
when using this material as a transducer to generate sound the innovative design mitigates the inherent resonance characteristics of glass and produces clear beautiful sounds. The post mandai architects’ installation uses sound-generating glass to emit nature’s noise appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
In this GDC 2018 talk, Freehold Games' Jason Grinblat goes over the approach he used to generate histories for Caves of Qud. ...
Remember the Bicymple? First announced in 2012, it's a rather goofy bike with optional two-wheel steering and pedals located directly on the rear wheel. Now, its creators – Josh Bechtel and Gabriel Starbuck – are back with the penny farthing-inspired Bicymple Nuvo... Continue Reading Bicymple Nuvo is a penny farthing for modern times Category: Bicycles Tags: Kickstarter is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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