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A preliminary study from researchers at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai suggests cannabidiol, or CBD, can reduce cravings and anxiety in subjects with a history of heroin use. The study doesn't imply CBD alone can help break an opioid addiction but instead points to the marijuana ingredient acting as a tool to help reduce cravings in those struggling with heroin addiction... Co
The cosmos is full of strange things, like planets made of diamond, mysterious radio bursts and quasars that shine with the light of 600 trillion Suns. Now astronomers have spotted a bizarre star that may prove to be one of the rarest objects ever, with maybe as few as five or six of them in the galaxy... Continue Reading Bizarre celestial object spotted is one of the rarest in the galaxy
There's no shortage of portable lighting options out there for campers or people living in developing countries, but they all have their own pros and cons. The Lumir K lamp is aiming to be the right mix of inexpensive, safe, bright, portable and efficient, using any old cooking oil as a fuel source to light up an array of LEDs... Continue Reading Cooking oil-powered camping lamp outshines
Team Britain has begun assembling its forces to join the battle for electric motorcycling supremacy. Triumph and Williams Advanced Engineering have entered an alliance with Integral Powertrain and WMG, in a government-supported push to develop electric motorcycle capabilities... Continue Reading Triumph and Williams form alliance to start building electric motorcycles Category: Motorcycle
Broken hearts are notoriously difficult to repair. After a heart attack this vital organ remains damaged, which can eventually lead to heart failure and death. Now, researchers have managed to use placental stem cells to regenerate heart cells in mice, which could lead to groundbreaking new treatments for heart attack victims... Continue Reading Placental stem cells found to regenerate hea
From a grueling leg day at the gym to hours spent sat in an office cubicle, our lower legs can easily sustain damage, leading to aches, pains and more serious issues. New on Kickstarter, Spryng aims to quicken muscle recovery times and improve circulation, all in 15-minute bursts... Continue Reading Spryng mimics natural leg muscle movements to boost circulation and improve recovery Categ
Keeping drones from colliding with other airborne objects and crashing to the ground is a complex challenge for the aviation industry, and one with no single answer. But adding to the growing mix of drone safety solutions is a new measure from industry giant DJI, who has committed to incorporating helicopter and airplane detectors into new models from next year onward... Continue Reading D
According to Chevrolet, teen drivers are far less likely to use a seat belt, so it has incorporated some new technology into vehicles to encourage safer habits. Called Buckle to Drive, the new feature adds to Chevrolet's Teen Driver mode and will temporarily prevent teenagers from taking off until their seatbelt is secured. .. Continue Reading Chevy's new seat belt feature stops teens
A potential hazard to future space travelers has been identified as a new Henry Ford Hospital study shows that the joints in mice who have spent time in zero gravity show signs of arthritis-like degradation. Based on a collection of rodents that orbited the Earth in a Russian spacecraft, an examination of their tissues revealed that the reduced load on their joints resulted in the breakdow
In the near future, delivery truck drivers may be replaced by autonomous vehicles or drones that can take a package right to your door. Ford is looking to this future with a parcel-delivering robot called Digit that can be transported to a customer's address in a self-driving car or van, get itself out of the back, pick up the package and walk up the garden path to the front door... Contin is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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