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Love the idea of cruising the coast in a two-story surf motorhome or small camper van but are looking to go lighter and cheaper ... much lighter and cheaper? Australia's Boardswag has just the thing, a surfboard bag that transforms into a one-person tent with a few blasts of air. So whether you're getting a quick jump on dawn patrol or enjoying sunset drinks a little longer than usual, you
Developed in the 1940s, AA7075 is an aluminum alloy that's almost as strong as steel, yet it weighs just one third as much. Unfortunately its use has been limited, due to the fact that pieces of it couldn't be securely welded together. That's recently changed, however, thanks to the use of titanium carbide nanoparticles... Continue Reading New welding process opens up uses for formerly un-
Chemotherapy drugs are effective at killing cancer cells – but unfortunately, they're also pretty good at killing healthy cells. Making these drugs more selective for tumors is a key area of research, and now a team at ETH Zurich has found a way to keep a common treatment – platinum nanoparticles – on target... Continue Reading New chemo drug keeps platinum nanoparticles on target for live
In use since at least the 4th century AD, dichroic glass displays different colors depending on how it's being viewed. Now, Dutch scientists have produced the effect in a material that can be used to create 3D-printed objects – and it's not just a novelty, as it could have practical applications... Continue Reading Dichroic 3D-printing material changes color with point of view Category: 3
Atelier Oslo was commissioned to design a vacation home in Skåtøy Island, Norway, for an artist couple who wanted a place for quiet contemplation and a space to work. In response, the firm created an appealing retreat wrapped in an eye-catching timber structure that filters the light and frames the view. .. Continue Reading Rugged artists' retreat is wrapped in an eye-catching timber
Alfa Romeo has unveiled a special edition 4C Spider called the Italia. When the cover was pulled off it at the Chicago Auto Show, we could see that the handcrafted little 4C would be something special. Only 15 of the cars will be built exclusively for the North American market, each with a US$5,000 price jump over the standard 4C... Continue Reading Limited edition 2020 Alfa Romeo 4C Spide
When nature calls while out boating, the waste from the marine toilet – or head – flows through to an onboard holding tank. The potent contents of this tank then need to be responsibly disposed of at some point. There are likely pump-out stations at the marina, but there are also boats that can take away stored sewage. And the vessel recently delivered to Branford, Connecticut, is somewhat
It's a sad fact that past the age of about 35, we begin to progressively lose muscle mass. This can be somewhat offset through exercise, although most people still generally tend to get weaker as they get older. A new drug could help, as it's been shown to increase muscle size and strength in elderly mice... Continue Reading Muscle-maintaining drug may help seniors stay spry Category: Hea
Fujifilm has announced a follow up to its X-T20 APS-C mirrorless camera from 2017. The X-T30 is essentially a cheaper and slightly less feature-packed version of the X-T3 mirrorless camera launched in September, 2018... Continue Reading Fujifilm keeps it light and compact with X-T30 mirrorless camera Category: Digital Cameras Tags: FUJIFILM Mirrorless Cameras
We've covered a lot of very small dwellings here at New Atlas, but this has to be one of the tiniest yet. Created from an old diesel fuel tank, the aptly-named Bunker definitely wouldn't suit claustrophobic types but includes lighting, shelving, and a bed. .. Continue Reading Fuel storage tank transformed into novel micro-shelter Category: Architecture Tags: Art Mi is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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