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The ultimate contribution that direct air capture might make in helping us address climate change remains to be seen, but there's no shortage of startups, governments and research groups driving the technology forward. Chief among them is Swiss outfit Climeworks, which has today broken ground on its second direct air capture (DAC) plant in Iceland, and one that marks significant progress in its a
Airbnb isn't exactly lacking in unusual vacation home designs – such as the Air bee and bee, for example. However, the online property rental marketplace could soon host a lot more as it has now launched a new competition soliciting the most oddball ideas for vacation homes, 100 of which it will then fund to build.Continue ReadingCategory: Architecture, LifestyleTags: Airbnb, Competition, House
German company Wingcopter has signed a deal to roll out 12,000 of its long-range, triple-drop delivery drones across Africa over the next five years, in what promises to be the largest commercial drone deployment ever attempted.Continue ReadingCategory: Drones, TechnologyTags: Africa, Delivery drones
With a modular, multifunctional rear lounge so comfy it puts most full-size camper vans to shame, the Vanderer Urban Camper was easily one of the coolest mini-campers of 2021. A year and a half later, it's getting even better. The homey tiny lounge-on-wheels is going fully electric atop the Peugeot e-Rifter and Citroën e-Berlingo. It's hard to tell what's most efficient about the new van – its ze
The world's largest flying aircraft has reached new heights, with Stratolaunch today completing the seventh test flight of its gigantic Roc carrier plane and logging a record altitude for the huge aircraft in the process. The exercise was also used to test the in-flight performance of recently installed pylon hardware, which will launch smaller hypersonic aircraft from altitude and send them acro
The Celera 500L is a truly remarkable design. Otto Aviation says its odd shape delivers an astonishing 59 percent reduction in drag, and a massive leap in efficiency and range compared to traditional plane geometries. Arguably, this thing should've been electric from the get-go, so it's a no-brainer that Otto has teamed up with ZeroAvia to build a version with a hydrogen fuel cell powertrain.Cont
Italian company Energy Dome has opened the first of its remarkable grid-level energy storage plants. These "CO2 batteries" can store renewable energy over long periods and release it quickly, at less than half the cost of big lithium batteries.Continue ReadingCategory: Energy, ScienceTags: Energy, Grid-Level Energy Storage, Renewable Energy, Carbon Dioxide
It's taken a little longer than anticipated, but the Mercedes-Benz EQV has flourished into the stylish, capable all-electric camper van it's always had the potential to be. Nearly three years after its debut, the EQV lays the foundation for a new electric camper van series from innovative Dutch RV specialist Tonke. The flagship Tonke EQV Touring drives and camps on pure battery power, comfortably
Interest is growing in alternative fuel sources for tractors that help sidestep heavy diesel pollution, and given its widespread use as agricultural fertilizer, ammonia might just be a prime candidate. Brooklyn-based startup Amogy has broken important new ground in this area, fitting its zero-emissions energy system to a John Deere tractor to make the first ever tracks as an ammonia-powered heavy
Researchers have discovered what seems to be the largest plant in the world – a meadow of seagrass off the coast of Western Australia that covers a total of 200 km2 (77 miles2). The entire expanse has grown from just one seedling, spreading by cloning itself.Continue ReadingCategory: ScienceTags: Plants, World's Largest, University of Western Australia, Australia, Flinders University, Enviro is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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