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"Rather than looking back at the past with retro pixel-art styles, I want to apply modern techniques and technology and see what new visuals can be made." - Jessie McGibney, Creative Director at Alientrap ...
A few weeks ago, we posted our First Shots of the Nikon D7500, an enthusiast-oriented DSLR that follows in the footsteps of the much-loved D7200. At the time, we promised more to come soon. Well, if you've been waiting for our first real-world Field Test to supplement your D7500 knowledge, your wait's over! Just before the weekend I posted my first Nikon D7500 Field Test! And I had a litt
Last month, a longstanding trend in our photography contest came to an end. For the first time in the contest history, a DSLR from neither Canon nor Nikon was represented on the Top 3 prize-winning podium. DSLR lovers worldwide heaved a heavy sigh as the tide turned towards the mirrorless world. One month later it was as if it had never happened. A veritable blip on the radar screen... a mirrorle
While we're seeing some exciting leaps forward in virtual reality and augmented reality right now, the human body is still adjusting to these types of immersive experiences. Now scientists may have found a fix for one of the recurring problems of VR/AR: eye fatigue...Continue Reading 3D display technology promises to ease eye strain in VR and ARCategory: VRTags: Augmented Reality
Starting today anyone who downloads the toolkit through the daily builds page will get a combined package that includes the standard simulator and native-based products. ...
The carbon-based wonder material graphene is starting to make the leap from two dimensions to three. Back in February, researchers from Rice University created 3D graphene foam supported by carbon nanotubes, but it was difficult to make. Now, the team has developed a way to 3D print the material...Continue Reading How 3D printing, lasers and sugar add up to industrial scale graphene productio
Lucid VR has announced the general availability of the LucidCam, its 3D VR camera.The LucidCam captures a 180º field of view, less than the spherical 360º field of view found on many consumer VR cameras, however it does so with binocular vision, creating a 3D VR experience with a sense of depth. If you want to capture a full 360º view, three LucidCams can be combined to do so.The LucidCam was dev
Adding a third dimension to sketches with a 3D printing pen can bring a whole new layer of fun to doodling. But as we discovered for ourselves last year, it's not as easy as company reps make it look. Despite a number of variations on the theme over the years – including pro models, kid-safe cordless pens and slimmed down flavors – all of these creative tools have had one thing in common, a s
GE has announced its plans to build the world's largest laser-powder additive manufacturing machine. The device, which will be developed through a new branch of the company called GE Additive, uses a laser to mold metal powders and will be able to build parts measuring up to 1 m3 (35 cubic feet)...Continue Reading GE is building the world’s largest laser-powder 3D printerCategory: 3D Printing
Elektra Solar demonstrated the capabilities of the company's Elektra One Solar aircraft earlier this month by mapping an historic German town in 3D. The low cost, low noise, high payload electric-solar aircraft was able to circulate silently just 300 meters over the town while it scanning the landscape below. ..Continue Reading Elektra One Solar demonstrates 3D town mapping capabilitiesCatego is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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