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The Spanish government has established a € 6.5 million ($7.9 million) grant to help nurture the country's indie development scene. ...
Despite the 3D printing revolution shaking up the design and manufacturing industries, one thing has been holding it back from fully infiltrating more commercial day-to-day situations – it's slow. Most desktop printers take well over an hour to generate a small object, but a new design from engineers at MIT could completely change the 3D printing game, performing up to 10 times faster than cu
Croatia's Mobile Vehicle Technology has unveiled the production version of its prototype MA1 e-bike announced earlier this year. The company's engineers have spent the last few months optimizing battery performance, and now report that the Grunner X has almost double the expected range of the pre-production model – a whopping 350 km per charge. And an interesting VR aspect has been added to t
No matter how useful a certain human innovation may be, nature has usually beaten us to it by millions of years, and more often than not done a better job of it too. A Yale team has looked to nature to help solve a design problem, using tiny fossilized creatures called diatoms to improve the light absorption rate of organic solar cells...Continue Reading Light-bending algae boost organic sola
France's Parrot has today announced an upgrade to its already pretty capable Bebop 2 drone, the Bebop 2 Power. The built-in camera seems about the same as the previous model, but as its name suggests, this flavor has been given a power boost. Pilots can now get an hour's worth of flight time, though that will need to be split into two sessions. Still, up to 60 minutes in the air with only one
One cool thing about being a content marketer is that you tend to become an expert in your topic. You probably know an awful lot about your business, your project, or your subject matter.In fact, you might actually know too much about it.It’s called the curse of knowledge. Because we research our topics deeply and spend so much time writing about them, we tend to understand the technical sp
Content marketing is the future of marketing and there is no doubt about it. By leveraging content you can sell (your products and services) without actually selling. Write a killer blog post or tweet and you can create a huge amount of awareness among your targeted audience. Content marketing has become an integral part of […]The post Content Marketing is Changing SEO: 3 Tips to Boost Your
IK Multimedia has updated its all-in-one audio and MIDI interface from 2013, giving the iRig Pro I/O volume control for headphone monitoring, MIDI thru for flexible routing options and the ability to charge connected devices...Continue Reading IK gives its iRig Pro interface a performance boostCategory: MusicTags: Bass guitar Guitar IK Multimedia Interface
Film Victoria has provided an undisclosed amount of funding to nine games being created in Victoria, supporting over 40 game development positions in the process. ...
Mercedes isn't exactly known for creating slow cars, and there's always an AMG option for those who want more power. But for the team of tuners at Brabus, those efforts serve as a base for even meaner, madder creations. Its latest offering is unusually restrained in the engine stakes, but adds a pinch of power and a shake of extra visual drama to the E-Class Estate...Continue Reading E-Class is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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