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Driven vertically into the ground, interlocking metal plates known as sheet piles can keep soil from eroding after rainfall, they can serve as retaining walls on slopes, or perform other functions. Installing them is a laborious process, though, which is why scientists have created a robot to do the job... Continue Reading Pile-driving autonomous robot builds walls in the ground Category:
The amount of miles logged by driverless cars are well into the millions, but these closely watched research projects largely ply their trade on sound roads under regular driving conditions. So what happens when things get extreme? Scientists at Stanford University are developing new control software so these vehicles can better handle the unexpected, relying on prior driving experience to
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is no stranger to the development of disaster relief robots – having created a plant inspection bot and a long-necked bot to help with cleanup operations at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant a few years ago and a remotely-operated anti-explosive robot for working in gas-filled environments, for example. Now the firm has come up with a pair of firefighting robo
Most people wouldn't think twice about the best way to stab a piece of food on their plate, but when viewed through the eyes of a robot this simple action is surprisingly complex. Now, researchers at the University of Washington have developed an autonomous robot arm that can figure out the best way to pick up food of any shape and bring it up to a user's mouth, which should make mealtimes
Phytoplankton aren't just evenly distributed throughout the ocean. Instead, they occur in three-dimensional concentrated patches. A new autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) is able to find and map those patches, potentially helping to preserve wildlife such as seabirds... Continue Reading Autonomous sub seeks plankton patches to save birds Category: Robotics Tags: Autonomous
The pioneering driverless electric bus has been revealed by Volvo and will undergo testing before being put into operation on Singapore's public transport system. Read more
The human element in package delivery looks set to disappear in the near future. Readers will likely be well aware of Amazon's air and ground autonomous delivery robots, and you may have seen Starship's electric six-wheeled bot trundling around hundreds of cities. Now FedEx has joined the ranks with the development of the SameDay Bot... Continue Reading FedEx rolls out autonomous delivery
If there's one thing that many North American cities need this winter, it's help in snow removal. That's likely why Colorado-based Left Hand Robotics is currently sold out of its SnowBot Pro, which autonomously brushes snow off of sidewalks while avoiding pedestrians... Continue Reading Autonomous bot is good to go, for clearing snow Category: Robotics Tags: Autonomous
A Russian urban electric vehicle manufacturer and developers of artificial intelligence for autonomous driving systems are working on a city tram that will trundle itself around the streets of Moscow in the near future. The fully autonomous tram is due to start closed facility testing shortly, ahead of street tests along Moscow's tram routes... Continue Reading Autonomous tram to start clo
Rocketsondes, which are a type of sounding rocket, are used to make high-altitude weather observations – they can go higher than weather balloons. Given that they require launch sites, they're not used over the ocean as much as they're used over land. That could change, though, as Chinese scientists have now launched one from an autonomous semi-submersible vehicle... Continue Reading Auton is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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