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A research company in the United Kingdom has polled the British public to produce a list of the Top 40 Movie Cars of All-time. Here's the list, along with images, movie posters of the movies, plus links to all the logical places where you can get more information... Continue Reading Research reveals the public's Top 40 Movie Cars of all time Category: Automotive Tags: Acura
Cancer isn't some foreign illness invading your body – it's essentially just regular cells dividing out of control. Current cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiotherapy are designed to kill tumors, but they often take down healthy cells as well. An emerging technique could provide a more targeted approach, stopping tumorous cells from proliferating and effectively putting the cance
To the casual observer, the difference between a planet and a star is pretty stark, but in reality things are a little murkier. A class of object known as a "brown dwarf" sits in the middle, with more mass than a planet but not enough to kickstart the nuclear fusion process that characterizes a star. One of these strange objects was recently downgraded to planet status (albeit a huge one),
Hennessey Performance, the Texan tuning house well known for building some of the world's fastest cars, has just announced 19 special-edition Mustangs in honor of its 10,000th build. Upgrades on this US$90,000 monster go well beyond the motor... Continue Reading Hennessey celebrates 10,000th car with 808-horsepower Heritage Mustang Category: Automotive Tags: Ford Ford
NASA has released the names of the first nine US astronauts for the first four manned, commercial space flights. A mixture of ex-Space Shuttle crews and test pilots, the nine men and women will be the first to ride on an American-made and flagged spacecraft since the Shuttle was retired in 2011 and will act as crew on the first two test flights and the first two mission flights to the Inte
Not a day goes by without someone throwing the term 'fake news' at some media organization. While misinformation and factually inaccurate reporting is undeniably a major global problem, fake news is quickly morphing into something else entirely, and governments around the world are starting to use the phrase as a way to quash dissenting opinions... Continue Reading Opinion: How fake news i
The winners of the Macro Art Photo Project have been revealed with first place awarded to a magnificent shot of two mayflies perched atop a poppy. The competition highlights the world of plants and gardens through the lens of macro photography... Continue Reading Small wonders: The winners of the Macro Art Photography awards Category: Digital Cameras Tags: Awards Comp
Rumors are starting to swirl about new games consoles from Microsoft and Sony on the horizon, but we're not likely to see them this side of 2020. But honestly, we're not really ready for them yet anyway – this is the prime time of the current console generation, when companies have settled into the rhythm and are releasing a solid stream of great games that push the hardware to its limits.
There's good fat, and there's bad fat – although we mostly only hear about the latter. Finding ways to decrease levels of bad (white) fat and increase good (brown) fat could help us lose weight and avoid obesity-related illness, and now researchers at Columbia Engineering have developed a transplant method, where white fat is removed from the body, cultivated in a lab for a few weeks, then
Utah's Vanderhall has dropped its latest three-wheel open-top roadster at the Sturgis Rally. Based on the Venice, the Speedster deletes the passenger seat for a lone wolf touring experience in which you literally cannot be accused of trying to pick up... Continue Reading Vanderhall's new Speedster three-wheeler targets lone wolves headed for the open road Category: Automotive Tags: is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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