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Traditional quadcopters can be kind of awkward to transport, with their four propeller arms sticking out to the sides. As a result, we've recently seen a number of folding drones. One of the latest, the LeveTop, takes the form of a cylinder when not in use – plus it has some other useful features...Continue Reading LeveTop brings a new form factor to folding dronesCategory: DronesTags:
After over nine years, the Kepler Space Telescope mission may be coming to an end. The reason: out of fuel. NASA engineers have determined that the unmanned deep space probe has only enough propellant left in its attitude control system to keep it properly oriented for a few more months. When this runs out, the spacecraft will no longer be able to collect data or transmit it to Earth...Contin
Titanium is a very biocompatible material, which is why it's so often used for medical implants. That said, chemical compounds in the metal sometimes do result in implants being rejected by the body. Scientists at Australia's RMIT University are attempting to address the problem, by coating such implants with diamonds...Continue Reading Diamonds may be a titanium implant's best friendCategory
A lot of the tiny houses we've covered lately have been getting bigger and bigger, with some approaching the dimensions of small apartments. The homes we're highlighting today buck this trend and are so small that only the most enthusiastic proponents of small living would ever choose to live in them...Continue Reading Gallery: Extreme downsizing – living in a micro-house, dumpster and moreCa
Plastic waste is a huge problem, both on land and in the oceans and waterways. A company in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, has been taking to the city's canals for a few years and scooping up plastic trash in nets. That waste is then transformed into boats that carry more "plastic fishermen" onto the canals to collect even more plastic. Now Plastic Whale has found another use for this floating
The way Daan Roosegaarde sees it, cities have become killing machines that rain premature death down on inhabitants with ever-growing clouds of toxic pollution, and ever-growing bodies of research show him to be absolutely on the money. Through his pollution-fighting projects, the Dutch designer is bringing to light the importance of clean air, most notably through his Smog Free Towers that h
The Geneva Motor Show has more than its fair share of heart rate-spiking 200+ mph hypercars and track racers. But it also has a number of vehicles for thrill-seekers of a different stripe, those who look to carry friends and gear into the great outdoors and explore trails, rivers, mountains and more. Also, there's a little something for those who just want to wander roads and tracks with no p
NASA is ramping up for the Mars 2020 mission's July 2020 launch as the space agency begins the Assembly, Test, and Launch Operations (ATLO) phase of the project at the Spacecraft Assembly Facility High Bay 1 at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California. This includes the final assembly and electrical integration of flight hardware into the spacecraft's rocket-powered "sky cr
The more we study natural biological cells, the more we learn about how to control them or build our own versions. Both approaches have their downsides, but now researchers from Imperial College London have developed a middle ground. The scientists managed to fuse living and non-living cells together, creating tiny chemical factories that might one day aid drug delivery...Continue Reading Hyb
With the increasing proliferation of smart devices in our homes security researchers are constantly uncovering fundamental vulnerabilities in these off-the-shelf products. A new report from a team at Ben-Gurion University has revealed that many of these devices are remarkably insecure and can be compromised easily in less than 30 minutes...Continue Reading Study warns smart home devices can b is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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