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The evidence that a quality night's sleep brings many health benefits is growing all the time, so it's no surprise that more and more tech companies are pumping money into devices designed to help us rest easy. Among those is Philips, which has introduced a new wearable that plays soft tones designed to allow you to draw more energy from a night's sleep...Continue Reading Philips' SmartSleep
Ordinarily, people who are receiving new joints (such as hip implants) are placed on intravenous antibiotics before and after the operation. There might be a better method of reducing the chances of infection, however. A Houston Methodist orthopedic surgeon has created time-release antibiotic beads that are implanted with the joint...Continue Reading Tiny beads may prevent post-joint-replacem
There's a problem with using antiretroviral drugs to treat or prevent HIV – because multiple drugs need to be taken on a daily basis, many patients simply don't bother to keep doing so. What if they just had to take one capsule once a week, though? Scientists at MIT, along with colleagues at Brigham and Women's Hospital, are working on making that a reality...Continue Reading Star-shaped caps
Elliptical bikes may provide a good form of low-impact exercise for people who want to get out and about, but what if you're a new parent with a baby that you don't want to leave at home? Well, that's why Pier Paolo Visconti invented the Elliptical Stroller...Continue Reading Elliptical Stroller is exactly what its name impliesCategory: OutdoorsTags: Baby Exercise Stroll
Honda has made good on last month's promise and has taken its 3E Robotics Concepts to CES 2018 in Las Vegas. Designed to assist people with all manner of tasks in the future, the experimental robots are being developed through an "open invitation" approach, where other companies are invited to collaborate on the 3E project to build "multiple devices that work together as a system, enabling pe
Dell is showing off a variety of new computers at CES 2018, and hot on the heels of its revamped Dell XPS 13 comes the larger, more powerful Dell XPS 15. As well as seriously upgraded internals, the Windows 2-in-1 brings with it a "maglev" keyboard that uses magnets underneath its keys...Continue Reading Dell's new XPS 15 is a powerhouse 2-in-1 with a keyboard floating on magnetsCategory: Lap
It's taken a long while for the Blocks modular smartwatch to reach the masses, but at CES 2018 the team behind the device announced that Kickstarter orders are finally shipping, and anyone can buy the wearable right now, for the ultimate in smartwatch flexibility...Continue Reading Blocks modular smartwatch is finally going on saleCategory: SmartwatchesTags: CES 2018 Smartwatch
Just six short years after announcing the end of production for Technics turntables, Panasonic brought a brief smile to vinyl-spinning DJ wannabes by announcing the return of the iconic SL-1200. A brief smile because the relaunched deck turned out to be eye-wateringly expensive. Regardless, Technics has continued to add to its vinyl vault and has now announced two new direct drive turntable a
Helite has years of experience developing specialized wearable airbag systems for various activities, everything from horse riding to skiing. Now the French company has an airbag for a new demographic: senior citizens. The Hip'Air belt it's presenting at CES 2018 can sense a sudden fall and automatically inflate protective airbags in less than a third of a second, protecting the wearer's hips
It might not have taken off with the general public like its creators hoped, but the Segway did find fans in the security industry. The Nimbo unveiled at CES this week stretches this relationship into the era of autonomous robots, using artificial intelligence to nip threats in the bud and take security staff for a ride if need be...Continue Reading Segway-based security bot patrols looking f is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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