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Architect Stefan Hitthaler recently completed an energy-efficient renovation of a mountain chalet in South Tyrol, Italy. Originally constructed in 1973, it was uninhabitable in winter due to poor insulation, but now keeps occupants comfortable, whatever the weather. The architect also made some minor stylistic changes to accentuate its out-of-this-world appearance. .. Continue Reading
Spinal injuries can be like downed power lines – even if everything on either side of the injury is perfectly functional, the break can effectively shut down the whole system. Now, researchers at the University of Minnesota have designed a device that could link everything back together again. A silicone guide, covered in 3D-printed neuronal stem cells, can be implanted into the injury sit
The famous multicolored bands that run across the face of Jupiter have raised many questions for astronomers since the first observations of the gas giant, and when NASA's Juno orbiter recently began streaming back data they finally started getting some answers. Among them was the discovery that these bands extend thousands of kilometers below the surface, but this posed another question,
The Düsseldorf Caravan Salon is charging full-steam ahead, which means the next few weeks should see the debut of some of the sleekest, most groundbreaking motorhome and caravan designs of the year. One such design is the all-new Lume Traveler, a smooth-cornered box trailer with an interesting twist – it's a convertible. The fabric soft-top pulls away to connect occupants with nature, brin
Particle accelerators have plenty to teach us about the mysterious forces and matter that makes up the universe, but these facilities aren't exactly portable, involving kilometers of tunnels and equipment. Now, researchers at Imperial College London have developed a new way to accelerate antimatter particles using common equipment already found in many labs, in a much smaller space... Cont
Are you a glass half full or a glass half empty kind of person? Some people seem to inherently focus on the negative when faced with a decision-making situation, and new research from a team of MIT neuroscientists has identified exactly what region of the brain may be inducing these pessimistic decisions... Continue Reading The neuroscience of pessimism: Why some people always focus on the
When Korean camping/overland outfitter iKamper ventured out onto the US market, it didn't just bring a "me too" roof-top tent (RTT) with it. Instead, it refined an expandable hardshell design, the likes of which the market had not seen. Now it's back innovating RTTs once again, this time with a soft-shell, fold-out RTT that looks to eliminate a big disadvantage of soft-shell, fold-out RTTs
Even though it was first introduced four years ago, the three-wheeled Polaris Slingshot is still quite the attention-getter when spotted "in the wild." Should you wish to stand out even more, however, you might want to pick up the just-announced Grand Touring model... Continue Reading Three-wheeled Polaris Slingshot gets a Grand Touring makeover Category: Automotive Tags: Pol
With more and more mountain bikers using hydration packs, water bottle cages are increasingly becoming a place to store … well, things other than bottles. Colorado-based iOmounts has taken this idea and run with it, in the form of the cage-replacing Mule... Continue Reading Mule replaces your bottle cage with a magnetic stuff-carrier Category: Bicycles Tags: Cycling
When a clot blocks a blood vessel in the heart, a heart attack is the unfortunate result. Frequently, surgery is required in order to remove that clot. Thanks to an experimental new drug-delivery system, however, that approach may become increasingly unnecessary... Continue Reading Nanospheres may provide alternative to heart-attack surgery Category: Medical Tags: Heart attack is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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