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In a breakthrough study, researchers have managed to restore some brain function in pigs as long as four hours after death. Using a system that pumps preserving chemicals through the brain's circulatory system, the team not only staved off cell death but actually restored some functions like synaptic activity. The astounding discovery raises some ethical questions and may spark new debate
Cadillac has unveiled a new compact sedan, the 2020 CT5, and with it a new advanced cruise control system called Super Cruise. The CT5 features a fastback design, signature Cadillac color and trim edges, and the ability to drive itself in some freeway cruising situations... Continue Reading Cadillac Super-Cruises the CT5 into New York as an all-new sedan Category: Automotive Tags:
Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) recently completed a new extension for the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Named the Business Innovation Hub, the building offers additional study space and social areas, and is defined by an eye-catching copper facade. .. Continue Reading BIG's business school is wrapped in striking "domino-effect" copper f
Ahead of the New York International Auto Show, Hyundai's luxury brand has unveiled a new compact concept called the Mint. Appropriately in green, the all-electric Genesis Mint Concept is a lightweight, compact two-door, two-seater designed for upper-crust city drivers... Continue Reading Genesis unveils all-electric Mint compact crossover-style concept in New York Category: Automotive Ta
We've seen smartphones cameras quickly improve in all kinds of ways in recent years, from their capacity to take wide angle shots to the optical zoom levels they offer, but the camera flash hasn't seen the same sort of significant upgrades. A new add-on called the LIT Flash could change that... Continue Reading LIT Flash promises a huge upgrade on your phone's built-in camera flash Ca
Karma Automotive, the company formerly known as Fisker, ushers in a "new dawn" with a slate of products that define its immediate and long-term future. A fully refreshed, BMW-engined Revero sports hybrid with more power and range, a Pininfarina-sculpted Revero coupe, and a high-tech all-electric roadster concept all make their debuts at Auto Shanghai 2019. The cars show where Karma stands
Leatherman's Wave has long been a standard-setting plier-based multitool, but the Portland-based company says it's ready to blow it out of the water with its new Free series gear, which uses a new magnetic one-handed opening mechanism that means you no longer need your fingernails to open it... Continue Reading Leatherman presents "the future of multitools" Category: Outdoors T
Capcom is the latest games company to jump into the retro console craze. The Capcom Home Arcade comes preloaded with 16 arcade-era games, playable with two stick-and-button arrangements on one long panel, shaped like the company logo... Continue Reading Capcom Home Arcade packs 16 classic games into one weird-looking panel Category: Games Tags: Console Games Gaming
Microsoft's worst-kept secret has finally been made official: a disc-less Xbox One S console will be released next month. The company calls it the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, and it will come with three major games pre-installed... Continue Reading Microsoft drops the disc drive with Xbox One S All-Digital Edition Category: Games Tags: Games Gaming Microsoft Xbox
Far from the world of stretched luxury sedans, minivans are among the least glamorous vehicles on global roadways. Fair or not, the minivan is often dismissed as a frumpy, unattractive grocery-getter driven begrudgingly by those who have given up automotive passion for no-frills practicality. With Lexus jumping in the game, though, the minivan is getting a new lease on life and might even is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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