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Whereas cathode ray tube technology used to limit TV size, the move to flat screen technologies has seen the creation of some monster panels. Although it's not quite as impressive as the 262-in (6.65-m) TV we covered last month, the latest 88-inch offering from Samsung is the largest QLED TV to hit the market...Continue Reading Samsung's 88-inch monster is the world's largest QLED TVCategory:
On July 12, a giant iceberg was born as a chunk some 6,000 km2 (2,300 mi2) broke away from the Larsen C ice shelf in Antarctica. The breakup was the result of an 18-month suspense story, as scientists watched the crack extend across the ice. But with the berg now adrift and satellites continuing to monitor the site, it seems the saga isn't over yet: the remaining cracks are spreading towards
Even casual photographers nowadays have some knowledge of the benefits of a little image retouching here and there. Adding a filter, tweaking the contrast or heightening the colors before slinging the photo into the digital world is almost part of everyone's process now. A research collaboration between MIT and Google has taken the idea of computational photography to a new level by creating
Ultrasound is already utilized to treat brain disorders such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, plus it can be used to kill cancer cells and to dissolve stroke-causing blood clots. Unfortunately, however, the thickness and density of the skull absorbs or reflects much of the ultrasound before it reaches the brain, making treatments less effective than they would be otherwise. That said,
While it may be worthwhile programming assembly-line robots to paint many identical objects, the painting of smaller-run items is generally still done manually. That could be about to change, however. German and Swedish scientists from the Fraunhofer Institute are developing a system known as SelfPaint, which will allow robots to figure out how to paint individual objects. It could reportedly
Ikea has been a serious player in the realm of renewable energy, vowing to produce more than it uses by the year 2020. And now the furniture make is encouraging residents of the UK to follow its lead, today announcing a new battery built specifically to store energy captured from rooftop solar panels. ..Continue Reading Ikea takes aim at UK power prices with new solar batteryCategory: EnergyT
A few weeks back, Hyperloop One revealed a prototype of a pod that it hopes will eventually ferry passengers through near-vacuum tubes at around the speed of sound. Today, the company has announced the first successful tests of this futuristic capsule, in which it levitated above a test track en route to speeds of more than 300 km/h...Continue Reading Hyperloop One passenger pod rides above t
Life is adept at adapting to changes in the environment – and the environment is changing faster than ever, thanks to us. Evolution is normally thought of on the scale of millions of years, but a new study has observed how human activity has directly driven separate populations of geckos to evolve new attributes in the space of just 15 years...Continue Reading Geckos rapidly evolve bigger hea
The Tesla Model 3 launched with much fanfare during the week, but it isn't the only entry-level electric vehicle on the market. The Chevy Bolt, on the other hand, hasn't really elicited much excitement from the world – but it packs almost as much range and a price to match the Tesla. How do the two electric Americans compare?..Continue Reading EV face-off: Tesla Model 3 vs. Chevrolet Bolt Cat
Following lights on a guitar or piano can be an effective way to help students learn to play at their own pace, at times that suit them and in the comfort of their own home. For its latest digital pianos, Yamaha has merged powerful app-based learning with a game-like follow-me above key lighting system that allows users to quickly learn and play favorite songs stored on a tablet...Continue Re is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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